Steph Herold, MPH is an award-winning activist and social scientist with a background in abortion care, abortion funds, and reproductive health advocacy. She currently is a Researcher at ANSIRH where she studies depictions of abortion on American film and television with the Abortion Onscreen program.

Steph brings expertise in multidisciplinary research design and implementation. She’s co-authored nearly a dozen peer-reviewed academic articles, and her research areas include abortion in American culture, abortion stigma, and self-managed abortion. Steph has also co-authored numerous grey literature papers on stigma and sexuality, including on media coverage of abortion, youth sexuality stigma, addressing stigma through service delivery, and evaluations of abortion stigma interventions.

Steph is a sought-after public speaker to national news media on abortion research; her writing has been featured in the New York Times, The American Prospect, the Los Angeles Review of Books, the Hill, Marie Claire, and many others. Steph has sixteen years of experience in the reproductive health, rights, and justice field, including co-founding the Sea Change Program, the first non-profit to focus entirely on reducing abortion stigma. Steph currently serves on the Board of Directors of All-Options.